6 Reasons Why You Need Custom Mezzanines To Expand Your Business

Custom mezzanines can be built to fit your specific needs, whether you require more space or additional storage, our custom mezzanines are created to abide by building codes. As your company grows, so does the need for flooring space and storage. Installing steel mezzanines in your storage facility can double the space you have by including a secondary flooring above the storage facility floor. This brand-new level offers you additional square footage for nearly anything you require, including offices, without taking up any extra space on the warehouse floor. By minimizing clutter in your storage fa

The Importance of Custom Mezzanines

On the contrary, a standard storage facility typically requires lots of square footage for tenants to store their belongings. Many companies have their own separate locations with numerous employees handling deliveries, which can eat into your storage warehouse space. By adding a mezzanine, you get the added benefit of keeping your employees separate from each other while also having more storage for their belongings. There’s nothing worse than having an employee see their boss’s file for the second time while trying to find that one item. Safer and Enormous Amounts of Storage The safety factor is extremely important when it comes to your warehouse. However, many companies never consider security when deciding which warehouse they will opt for.

Why You Need Mezzanines To Expand Your Business

Our Steel Structured Court New York Inc. mezzanines are constructed from CNC-milled structural steel with heavy gauge rails for security and to maintain strength and quality. A mezzanine is a raised level that’s often located at the back of a building or in an industrial warehouse to provide additional storage space and office space. These mezzanines typically measure 2’ to 8’ by 40’ and are typically made of solid metal or metal-framed. These steel mezzanines are constructed to abide by the existing building codes in your area. The support columns are made of reinforcing steel with heavy gauge rails and the floor is constructed of heavy gauge steel or OSB.

Create More Space For Your Business

The unique design and built-in features of our mezzanines help give your storage facility the look and feel of a fully-built office. Our steel mezzanines offer high visibility from the main office floor. By adding a mezzanine, you can take advantage of the light that is always available from within the main warehouse. It Takes Less Time To Build Mezzanines We offer a cost-effective solution to help expand your storage space in a more cost-effective way. You will find that for every $20,000 spent on a mezzanine, you will save over $4,000 in labor costs by only having to do half as much work. Construction Time Is Short Because construction is so short, your mezzanine is ready in time to help you meet your growing needs. All that’s needed is some concrete blocks and fasteners.

Save Money With Mezzanines

Businesses often have extra space left in their warehouse without much room for improvement, or without any need for additional floor space at all. This is why mezzanines can be a worthwhile addition to any warehouse or store. They’re easy to build and can double your warehouse space without actually expanding the area you already have. This can save you money on additional land and eliminate the need for any additional scaffolding. You can construct mezzanines with steel or concrete slabs, and they can be built in a way that reduces your risks. There are many benefits to mezzanines, such as privacy and security, it also helps eliminate the need for outside storage.

Higher Agility

When your warehouse expands, you can create and establish multiple storage levels for any size of the company. You can create separate mezzanines on each floor of your warehouse to reduce your production space and increase business agility. Business Agility, high-quality interiors, and minimal maintenance – these are just some of the reasons why our steel mezzanines are the ideal choice for any business that desires to minimize clutter and create space in their storage facility. Easy Upgrading Our mezzanines are made of steel, so you can easily upgrade them as your business evolves. During your build or maintenance, you can add another floor to your storage facility without ever removing the old mezzanines.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can be quite high, depending on your geographical location. Mezzanines can be an effective way of decreasing shipping costs as well as maximizing space. This is especially true for companies with a wide variety of inventory. For example, if you’re selling clothes, the space between the top and bottom racks on a shelf can give you quite a bit of room to increase your stock without having to add additional inventory. You can improve your profitability and improve your inventory management. Smarter Staffing Offering a complete solution in terms of offices and storage facilities will mean you need more employees to accommodate the extra space you have. Mezzanines, in comparison to offices, are far easier to clean, creating a greater comfort level for employees.

Faster Deliveries

Custom mezzanines are equipped with in-floor storage systems for those large pieces of equipment or devices. This type of storage system can help to eliminate clutter, and allow you to store your equipment and other large items and be more efficient with your deliveries and shipments. No more making multiple trips to move, lift and store items; steel mezzanines allow you to quickly take them all up the elevator and put them where they belong, at your desired location. Higher Retail Traffic With my mezzanines, there are no steps to walk up to get to the elevators, the walls are designed to break up the partitions between mezzanines, so it’s easy to maintain a high level of security, and our mezzanines are built in a modular way so that you can easily disassemble and rebuild.

Easier Employee Training

Our steel mezzanines will increase the amount of employee training space available in your facility. Businesses that want to create specific learning areas for staff need to spend hundreds of dollars per employee, whereas our steel mezzanines can be built for around $2,000 per employee, a fraction of the cost. Additional Storage Space Increasing storage space is the first thing most companies need to consider when adding a mezzanine to their warehouse. Steel mezzanines are built for storing full-size furniture, complete with built-in storage closets and cabinets, which drastically increases the amount of space available to customers.


When it comes to getting the best storage facility in all the land, you simply can’t afford to overlook myco storage facilities. Don’t put off the thought of installing steel and mezzanine flooring in your storage facility any longer because this simple design can be a game changer for your warehouse. You’re not going to find another company that offers you this kind of versatility at a fraction of the price. Let me show you why you must have myco storage facilities installed in your warehouse today. Author Bio Patrick O’Hara is the founder and CEO of Myco, a leading innovator of storage solutions designed to deliver superior operational, logistical, environmental, and economic performance.

Robert J Callahan and Associates – Weed Charges

Let’s state you place 7-10 grams of marijuana into a set of cannabis brownies. You bake them, cover them all up, as well as placed them in a cooler in the rear of your cars and truck for tomorrow. On the way to your buddy’s area, you obtain stoppeded and ultimatelybrowsed by the authorities. They discover the brownies in the colder as well as cost you with possession of marijuana. Leaving apart the legality of why you were pulled over or looked, how many grams of cannabis can you be accuseded of? 7-10? Think again. You will certainly be accuseded of the overall weight of the brownies. By infusing cannabis into delicious chocolate brownies you have exercised lawful alchemy. In the eyes of the legislation,
you have actually amazingly altered the chocolate, the butter, the salt, the eyes, right into cannabis. The lawful analysis of the weight of cannabis in edibles differs by state. “Nonetheless, a lot of states view the weight of the whole edible cannabis the same as if it was all cannabis flowers,” stated Robert J Callahan
The absurdity of this legal uncertainty has actually made the information in recent years. Chicago indigenous and also the godfather of Drill rap, Chief Keef, was jailed on June 12, 2017, after flight terminal safety at Sioux Falls Regional Airport found 4 blunts as well as edible marijuana candies in his carry on travel luggage. He was in Souix Falls for an anti-bullying campaign. He is now facing up to 5 years in prison for this felony offense.

In South Dakota, based upon the weight of the 4 blunts, Principal Keef would be facing just a misdemeanor violation. What makes Chief Keef’s situation an excellent example is that the weight of the edible marijuana candies pressed the costs over the threshold needed for felony fees. It wasn’t the blunts comprised of actual marijuana blossom,
it was the edibles that triggered Principal Keef to be encountering felony costs. His test is set for February. South Dakota, like Illinois legislation, makes no distinction in between the weight of marijuana plant/flower or marijuana edible, vape, or wax.
Illinois legislation defines marijuana as: “Cannabis” includes cannabis, hashish and also various other substances which are determined as
including any kind of parts of the plant Marijuana Sativa, whether expanding or not; the seeds
thereof, the material removed from any kind of part of such plant; and also any compound,
manufacture, salt, by-product, combination, or preparation of such plant, its seeds, or resin,
consisting of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and all various other cannabinol by-products, consisting of
its normally occurring or synthetically generated active ingredients, whether created
directly or indirectly by extraction, or separately through chemical synthesis or
by a mix of removal and chemical synthesis; however will not include the fully grown
stalks of such plant, fiber created from such stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, by-product, mixture, or preparation of
such fully grown stalks (other than the resin drawn out therefrom), fiber, oil or cake, or the
disinfected seed of such plant which is unable of germination.

Whether he went to O’Hare or Souix Falls Regional Airpot, Principal Keef would have been arrested for supposedly having these edibles. As our law clearly states,
Illinois thinks about any type of derivative, mixture, or prep work of marijuana the like
your regular old bag of weed. That cares if that bag is 100% expanded cannabis as well as
those brownies aren’t? Definitely, police, neither the state of Illinois, does.
They win regardless. Call Robert J Callahan Lawyer
Obtain Directions to Robert J Callahan Criminal Defense Lawyer